Heart Key

Heart Key, bir başka güzel oda oyunu. Hapis olduğumuz odayı araştırıp, gizlenmiş nesne ve ipuçlarını bulup odadan çıkıyoruz.

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Adsız said...

Click the blue bear and get the key.
Click on the bottom left of the rack and get the cutter(knife).
Take the paper that is near the left leg of the computer table.
Get the CD from the last drawer that is beside the computer.
Use the key on the first drawer.
Use the CD in the computer.

Go to sleep ZZ...

When you wake up, there will be a stain on the wall.
Now there will be a coffee cup on the table.
Drink the coffee and take the empty cup.
Turn off the light and look around. You will see a white gem floating near the bed.
Raise the temperature to 26 degrees and check out the window. You will note the details on a paper.

Go back to sleep. ZZ

The stain will grow a bit more.
Use the empty coffee cup on the vase. Get the black ball that is in the vase and use it on the bear. Thats his missing eye.
Look in the cup you will find the ID which is "lostheart"
The password is 1512.
Use them in the computer and play the game. What ever your score is in the game that is the code for the box which is in the drawer. Get the third peice of paper.
Use the cutter(knife) on the stain. You will see a box with 4 colour buttons.
If you go through all 3 memos you get the following solution: red, yellow, red, blue
Use this sequence on the colour code box and get the heart key.
Use the heart key on the door and you are free.
Source: omigame.com

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