Dead End's Hotel

Dead End's Hotel kaliteli grafiklere sahip point-click tarzı korku dolu bir Fransız oyunu.

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Adsız said...

In order to obtain the revolver (HOO-RA!) that lies inside the briefcase, you need to take the numbers hidden on each slide and put them in the order of the slide descriptions written on the note on top of the desk.

In other words,

1 - A girl alone in a room
2- a toy from my childhood
3- calling in the airvent/underground (My French is sketchy. Can ya tell?)
4- then, a scream.

Open, sesame!

If, as some very clever people have mentioned earlier, you notice numbers hidden in the slides, then all you have to do is match the number in that slide with the slide's description. For example,

1- a girl alone in a room

The second slide, which shows a girl alone in a room (duh) contains the hidden number 6. (But, seeing as the codes didn't work for some, this number may vary. But I doubt it, as I've had to restart this game numerous times.) Anyway, this means that 6 will be the first number in the password.

2- a toy from my childhood

The third slide, which shows a rather creepy looking doll, has the number 8 hidden in the top left corner. That means 8 is the second number in the code.

3- calling from the airvent/underground

The first slide, which shows an airvent (yawn) has the number four hidden in it. So four goes 3rd.

And lastly, since you're all probably like, "GAWD! Get on with it already! What's the last number!?" The slide with the screaming lady has the number 3.

Your solution: 6843

Ta-da! Revolver time! Now when those pesky worms try to eat ya, you can force hot lead down their throats.

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