Escape Yellow Door

Escape Yellow Door, eğlenceli bir başka point click tarzı oda oyunu. Bilmeceleri çözüp, bulduğumuz nesneleri doğru bir şekilde kullanarak odadan çıkmaya çalışıyoruz. Bu oyunu sevenler Twinkle tarafından hazırlanan diğer oyunlarına da mutlaka bir göz atsınlar: Escape from Pink Door ve Escape of Blue Door

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Adsız said...

1) Pick up bag. Go right.
2)Click between Sphinx' legs. Get screwdriver. Go right.
3) Click on left side of pyramid (5th row from bottom). Use screwdriver. In this view click up. Get flashlight.
4)Click on right side of pyramid (2nd row from bottom). Use screwdriver. Get scissors.
5)Go right. Use screwdriver on right eye. Get purple gem. Click right of box. Get paper.
6) Insert purple gem in Sphinx'forehead. Get blue gem.
7) Go to sarcophagus and insert blue gem in right eye. Click on sarcofhagus and get mirror.
Turn lights off and return to pyramid. Solve math puzzle. 50 = 30 20. 30 = 17 13, etc. Therefore square=8, triangle=7, circle=3.
9) Turn lights on. Return to sphinx. Select bag ("about"). Use scissors to open bag. Select paper. Use opened bag with sand on paper. It becomes brown.
10) Replace purple gem with blue gem. The sphinx starts to make wind. Hold paper above wind and get code sequence.
11) Return to left side of pyramid and enter code (383773).
12)Before entering the pyramid, make sure that your flashlight is on. If not you fall into the pit and have to retry.
13) In pyramid, go left. Use scissors to cut down picture. Click picture to flip it over. It's a calendar. See code. The moon indicates that it has something to do with the calendar but has no other meaning. Square was 8. So 8/2=4. Fourth month is april. Go back and turn right.
14)Hang flashlight on hook and place mirror on red stool. Click up and see code. The circle was 3. So code= "march".Retrieve your mirror and flashlight and go back.
15)Go forward, then right. Don't touch the treasure or you have to start over. Click on the bottom right side of the blue box. Place mirror and get next code:may. Go back.
16)Go left. Enter codes: red= march. Get ring. Blue= may. Get earrings. Green= april. Get shoe.
17) Go outside the pyramid and select your flashlight ("about"). Click on the right side to flip it over and turn it on. You now get a blue light. Turn light back off and go to box next to sarcophagus. You get the sequence on how to place the items. So after turning the lights back on, on this box place shoe, earrings and ring and click on "OK".
1 Get card to heaven and give it to girl. You get red gem. Insert red gem in door but don't open door yet. Go back to retrieve treasure (Make sure your flashlight is on and shines normal colour of light instead of blue).
19) Exit. With traesure= perfect end. without it, good end.

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