Kao - The Room Which Has Face

Kao - The Room Which Has Face, bir diğer adı Face Room olan renkli bir oda oyunu.

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Camel said...

Click the top and bottom shelves of the desk, get the paper with questions and the purple box.
Click under the bed left of the pillow, get mushroom key.
Select the purple box and open it with the mushroom key.
Turn to face the TV. Click in between the face-squares on the right to get the bumblebee thing.
There are 4 grey boxes under the TV, each with a dark spot. Click on the dark spot in the box on the far left to get “10->2″.
Turn right. Press TAB (a few times, slowly) to locate the spot on the red circle. While selecting the bumblebee thing, click on that spot. You get the 2nd key.
Turn to face the panda box. Click on the top of the plant to get the wood.
Use the 2nd key on the lock on the panda box, then place the wood in the panda’s mouth. (Strange cutscene)
Turn to face the big green face again, and click on the new panel. Let’s number the buttons #1-8. Press #3, 6, 8 (They should be orange, everything else magenta), then press the big ENTER button. The end.

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