Cecilia Aviles Lugo yapımı bu oyunda nesne ve ipuçlarını bularak odadan çıkmaya çalışıyoruz.

Cecilia Aviles Lugo'nun diğer oyunlarının oynamak için tıklayın..


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Adsız said...

click on top drawer,get gold key,press back go to bottom drawer click on doll click on doll in inventory click somewhere in the middle of the doll to get a green key then the doll will fade go to bookcase click on key click on yellow book to get another key click on blue book to get another key go right click on a red ball it will nock a green one off smash it get key behind red ball and under green ball click on bowl at the top to tip get key look at blue box click key go right find a dot on the wall to the left of plant for get leaves they dont do any thing and click key on floor you should have ten gold keys a green key but the doll is only accesible on door page click on green key in the key hole and drag to second drawer and go jus a lil bit under the yellow nob the the key should fade in the cosas area and click to open the drawer top left corner of book theres a key click on it you should have ten gold keys now click back and click on screw driver in inventory and un screw the screws in color order of blocks in bottom drawer or just right cklick until your at the photo of the lil girl and keep on clicking on the picture until all the letters ar lit up dark and youve beat it.

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