The Cruiseship Vandalisers 2

The Cruiseship Vandalisers 2 serinin ikinci oyunu. Yine her tarafı dikkatlice araştırıp oyunu tamamlamamıza yarayacak nesneleri buluyoruz.

Oynamak için tıklayın..


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Cruise Ship 2 Walkthrough
Go left and take elevator (blue door) to kitchen (double grey doors). Use down arrow so you have the stove top /chopsticks to your left. Get key from drawer on left. Reverse and go out double doors.
Go right and downstairs to storeroom. Open grey door where there are two workment. Click blue files and get a key.
Go back to the kitchen corridor and upstairs and turn left. Enter the room on the right. Turn right again to the casino. Click the third on the left and play. To stop the roll press each button from left to right. Keep playing until you have three lemons. You will get a coin.
Back to the first room you entered and go left to the billiard room. Insert the coin and get a sponge.
Return to the hallway and back to the stairs. Go down and down again to the storeroom. Turn right and you have a grid with three pieces of metal. Activate the control panel (round button) and then using the square button move the metal panels until they form a diagonal from top left to bottom right. When this is correct an arrow will appear at the top left of the screen and you can enter a new room. Click on the boxes and get a bottle.
Go back to the stairs and up again to the upper corridor. Continue forward to the brown door at the end. Click and talk....Back down to the kitchen corridor and turn left. Down the ladder to the grey door and press the black panel. Have a talk and get another key.
Return to the upper corridor and go forward to the blue door on the left which will now open. Click on the furniture. End of part 2

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"teppei" input it in the alphabet as it is.

password is 6 digits numbers.
You find 6 such numbers and sort it.

In this case, put 4 in a place of L.

6 places

Flowerpots and a lamp..

There is a hint of order in a room of dog's lead.

Low table..

Bottom of a table leg. Watch a low table after opening a window.

Washroom ..

Click an upper bottles by number and an order of bottles of closet.

Bath ..

Pour water into a bath tub and drain it.


The order of acts in a restroom.


Open a window and find remote controller at TV cabinet.

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