The Cruise Ship Vandalisers 3

The Cruise Ship Vandalisers 3 serinin üçüncü oyunu. Yine etrafı dolaşıp, karşımıza çıkanlarlardan bilgiler alıp ilerliyoruz.

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Cruise ship 3 Walkthrough
Exit opening scene with sofas and people. Go downstairs and corridor with two doors on left (L & M) and door on right. Enter this door and read book.
Go back out and upstairs and take glass (blue) door to deck and up to the bridge with the ships steering wheel. Click on wheel and turn 1 right 1 left 2 right and a small key appears on shelf to right.
Go back down to corridor. Press down arrow to corridor with doors and letters. Enter H and get key from floor.
Back to corridor and back to glass door and go downstairs. Press down arrow twice to corridor with double doors to right and brown door to left. Enter the left door with two chairs. Click the white curtain and get key. Exit and press up arrow and throught brown door and go in L room. Click safe.
Go back upstairs. Press down arrow twice to corridor with letters. There is a grey door at the end. Click and enter code 880.

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