Escape Da House 2

Birincisinde olduğu gibi yine kapalı kaldığımız evden çıkmaya çalışıyoruz.

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Adsız said...

walkthrough (part 2)(code is piou)

1.go right drawer pick up peice of paper panel too the left of elevator and go to the loft(blue button)
4.pick up key between box and chalkboard (red)(note # 13908)
5.pick up key on top of the dresser
6.use red key on dresser get key
7.go to the garage(green button)
8.pick up paper on top of ladder(paper should now read 420)
9.go left
10.pick up key and screwdriver on top shelf
11.go to ground floor(yellow button) panel on floor get knife
13.go to loft(blue button)
14.use knife on box with tape get key
15.go to second floor(red button)
16.use code on safe(420)get key
17.go right
18.pick up key on floor (bottom right of couch mirror untill key appears pick it up
20.go left
21.go to garage(green button) access panel and type in code you found earlier(13908)and click little arrow and then open and your out!

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