Inside the Firewall

Examine ile bulduğumuz nesneleri inceleyip, combine ile farklı nesneleri birleştirebildiğimiz bu oyunda amacımız yine gerekenleri yaparak odadan çıkmak..


Adsız said...


1.collect paper from bin
2.combine bits of paper to get a code(the code will be different every time!)
3.get the key from the vase
4.get the book from under the video(even though you dont use it?)
5.use the key on the desk
6.collect items from desk
7.view the radio and turn it around so that you get the battery
8.combine the battery with the car
9.use the magnet on the camera behind the plant the car near the door
11.get the wire from under the tv
12.get the phone from in the cupboard but it is not needed(it just tells you that you can use items more than once!)
13.connect the wire to the lap top.
14.get the wallet from on the table(hint-you nedd to move things on it around!) the game on the computer
16.write down the code(you will need it later!)
17.go on "enable the security power and type in the code it tells you to
18.combine the car and the magnet on the remote control when you are near the door to activate the car.the car will go under the sofa and collect the key.
20.use the key on the old chest box
21.attach the keypad to the square near the door.
22.type in the code from the comput

Adsız said...

Another walkthrough:

-first check the bin. this should have some ripped up paper inside. 'examine' the paper and rearrange them to form a four number code. this is different each time you play.
-next examine the table by clicking on it when you're looking at the bottom half of the escape door. shuffle around the papers till you get the wallet. 'examine' this (you need to rotate it) to get the Jack Stanfield id.
-then check the vase to get the new key
-then open the drawer beneath the tv to get the power cord and the cabinet to the right of it for the control joystick(sometimes its a phone in here, just click around the top of the tv to find the remote. if you can't find it easily RELOAD THE GAME as it may never appear!!!)
-'use' the new key on the desk drawers and open them all to get the remote control car, radio and magnet. now 'examine' the radio(rotating again) to get the battery for the car.
-'use' the power cord on the laptop and type Jack Stanfield as the username and the code you got from the paper shreds as the passcode.
-enable the security power by simply clicking the link and pressing in the code on the right into the die-like-thing.(you can rotate the die by dragging its surface around)
-next 'play the game'. its a simple block bouncer one, but sometime its difficult to get the top right and left blocks. remember that the ball will bounce off your paddle at different angles depending on where it hits it.
-this will give you the exit code which is always 021006 (which coincidently is the date of the film release! funny...)
-next you need to 'combine' the battery and the car, and then the car again with the magnet.
-place the new upgraded car on the floor by the door by 'use'ing it.
-it'll pick up an old key.
-'use' this on the wooden box to the left of the plant and beneath the picture to get the keypad.
-before useing the keypad go to the plant in the corner and when you're in the viewscreen with the vase click on the top of the plant.
-'use' the magnet again on the camera and then head back to the door.
-'use' the keypad, enter the code you got from the game and voila, you're free!

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