Escape Da House

Serinin bu ilk oyununda etrafı araştırıp gerekli obje ve ipuçlarını bularak çıkmaya çalışıyoruz.

Escape Da House 2 oyununu oynamak için tıklayın..

Escape Da House 3 oyununu oynamak için tıklayın..

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Adsız said...

1) Pick the first part of the code note from the top of the bedside table.
2) Get the first key from under the bedside table and get the key from the side of the bed.
3) Move right
4) Move the sofa by clicking it 4 times, pick up the key under it.
5) Get the key that's in the plant pot.
6) Move right
7) Pick up the key from the kitchen floor
8) Click the curtain and before it moves back again get the key.
9) Move right
10) Click the picture twice to get the key.
11) Click the white tile just to the right of the map to get the second part of the code note.
12) Zoom in on the key pad and enter the code.
13) Enter the closet and turn the light on.
14) Get the two keys; one from the shelf and one from just under the vent.
15) Go back out and get the final key from the wall light.
16) Move right twice and click the door to escape.

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