Imposible oyunun yapımcısı Cecilia Aviles Lugo'dan tek görüntülük bir oda oyunu. Oda içinde hareket edemiyoruz.

Yapımcının diğer oyunları için tıklayın:


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Mustafa said...

1. Lift the left hand pink bowl.
2. Open the note to read it.
3. Near to the top of the note towards the left is a hotspot. Click it and the cursor will change to a knife.
4. "Scratch" with the knife on the platform under the green tubes.
5. Make the note disappear.
6. Make the picture fall off the wall by clicking on the left and then the right hand sides of it. You need to do this quite a few times.
7. Read the second note and again search for the hotspot near to the top towards the left to turn the cursor into a second knife.
8. Make the hole bigger using the knife.
9. Click the big hole and escape!

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