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Tonaki interactive yapımı Out File #01 oyununun ikinci versiyonu olan bu oda oyununda etrafı araştırıp çıkmamızı sağlayacak nesne ve ipuçlarını buluyoruz.

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Naomi said...

-before enter the door,click right and in the dark site you'll see a card.Click slowly to go near to it and take it.if you click fast or too many times you die.
-go inside
-you move and there will be an earthquake.
-go out to see what happen ...and on the bottom left side of the door you get a green rock.

-with the card you can open one of the lockers.get the rope.
-combine the rope with the metallic piece and the rock.then remove the rock and drag the string with the metal to catch the object placed in the gap between the last 2 pc's.keep pushing your mouse and the string will go to take the stylus
-on the bottom right side of the right most pc there is a key.
-click on the cap of stylus and get a piece of paper..read it.
-each of the 4 pc has a colour...remember it.
-go to the right most pc(power manager) and activate the elevator clicking on the middleone(20%) then click on 40%.
-go to the elevator....red key and down..

-go left.On the left side of the machine,go behind it to find a blue key.
-there is a computere.On teh lower part of it there is a gap with a blue cd.
-on the floor there is a hidden door.Click to open..there is a box...you'll insert the password later...but now get the pink cd from the right side of the hole.
-go up
-in the second pc put the pink cd and install.click on install.exe.
-get the pink cd out and put the blue one.
-click on the untitled cd.Click on code.wav and play.
-get the code.wav.as
-click to see the notes.
-i got FABDEDGFE...but it change(EDBDEDBAE)(...)
-go down
-in the computer click the space below the 3 circles and insert the code...click enter.
-now you can pull the lever of the machines
-go up

-go to the most right pc.
-turn off light clicking 30% then 40% and turn on the gear of the machines clicking on 60%...but maybe the values change every game..boh...try it.you must move the gears downstairs.
-go to the first pc.
-click on thecontent then on the X next to the flashing error
-flip the switch on the right,up.
-emergency mode is on an watch the scene.
-go to the right most pc and turn the elevator on and the locker also.
-go down.the gears has moved and you can get under each of them some things..a USB drive and a piece of paper
-go up.
-put the USB in the pc togheter with the card
-click yes to download.close get the card back and use it on the second locker
-get the suit and wear it.
-read the paper
-I get "birds on pyre grumble"...but the clue change every game ...anyway..
-count the letters of each words.
-you have 4 numbers.
-Each words begin with a letter that correspond to the colour of the 4 pc.
-the order of the pc from left to right is the sequence to insert these numbers on the red box downstairs
-so you get a rocket gun.
-then up again..to theemergency box in the wall...get an axe.
-climb the ladder and open with the blue key.
-inside click right and face the wire.click up.click the suit and will appear a bar on the left.
-click T and you go up..click the infrared cam...switch on it.
-click on yes to setup the lock then click W to go down.
-face the wire of the elevator.
-click on the wire to hold them with your hand and use the axe 5 times to cut the wire.
-now you go up...fasttt....click on the rocket...when you reach 100 meter ...wait a little bit...95-96 meter...it appear a white reticulate shoot in the middle ....
- try it ...before the first time maybe you will miss...
-go out..

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