Mini Mini Room

Minik odadan cikmaya caliisyoruz.

Oynamak icin tiklayin..

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Sonia said...

- underneath the couch (click under the table)
- in the first small drawer
(variable locations -> variable endings)
- seat of the arm chair
- under the rug of the clock

cards (the colors/types differs everytime you play it)
- under the table (but not on the floor)
- under the wine tray in the cupboard
- in the wallet beside/behind the bed(click the wall near the end of the bed)
- in the book above wardrobe
- in the coat inside wardrobe (you may not find it at first...if so go do some other things and comeback)

- behind the black thing on the wall... you can only find it when the lights are switched off

- under the pillow

The light switch is on the wall beside the wardrobe

the walls on the two sides of the wardrobe is clickable

solutions to the endings - will defer in each game
when you found all the nessasary items
- you *may* find a key on the armchair - use on the door
- you *may* find a key under the clock - use on the door
- you *may* be able to push the wardrobe (side view)
- you *may* be able to drink the wine

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