Incognitus Proximity of Doom

Gerekenleri yaparak odadan çıkmaya çalışıyoruz.

Incognitus Asleep in the Deep oyununu oynamak için tıklayın..

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Adsız said...

1. Turn on the switch little grey square

2. Turn left and click the bottom right corner of the drawers about 1 cm above the floor

3. Click the bottom drawer then click the dark area and you will see pliers click on them

4. go back into the room by clicking return to room click on the pliers from your inventory and click on the knob on the end of the bed (click towards on the bottom on the knob the skinny part cause if you click the ball part it comes of slowly and you have to change screens and go back and try again)you also have to click a few time before it falls to the floor pick the knob up off the floor

5. make sure the pliers are still highlighted and click the second siver pendilium from the clock

6. combine the knob with the pendiluim and use the filer to file it down you do this by clicking the silver thing then clicking the knob and they will combine then click the filer and click your new rod and it will make a screwdriver

7. Move to the right two times until you get a full view of the computer desk

8. Click on the bottom drawer above the handle to open it, it takes a few clicks sometimes, then click the dark area and it will show you the bomb thing

9. click you new screwdriver and use it to unscrew the for screws on each corner then click the panel and it will open.

10. There are for knobs towards the top of it from left to right leave the first one where it is click the second one once and the third one twice click the red button and the cover will come up exposing the key

11. use the key and click the knob then KABOOM YOUR DEAD!!!

Just kidding you finish the game HA HA pretty easy seeing how it took forever for me to figure it out

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