Trapped Episode 2

Serinin devamında yine odayı araştırıp gerekli nesneleri bularak çıkmaya çalışıyoruz.

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Adsız said...


~ Click on the book shelf that is on the wall. On the left middle you will see something, that is the key. Get it.
~ Click on the cabinet with six drawers, the one where the pens are. There is something on the top right side. It's a sticky plastic. Get it.
~ There is a waste bin. Click on the back of it to get a paper.
~ Now go to the cabinet that is by the door of Trapped 1. Use the key on it. There is a printer inside. Insert the paper in it.
~ Now click on the door and drag the sticky paper to the door nob to get a thumb print.
~ Use the thumb print on the big cabinet and you will see a computer in it.
~ Enter the password – “golfzoneplus”. We get this password from Trapped 1.
~ It will say "Your secure-X wall panel has been unlocked".
~ Exit the screen.
~ Now your view should be in such a way that you will see the computer and the printer cabinet.
~ Click on the line ( Bottom ) where the two walls meet. And you will see a small line.
~ If you click on it, it will open and you will get a camera.
~ Use the camera on the keypad which is on the left side of the door.
~ A picture will be taken.
~ Now go to the computer and click on the web camera. Its the little cord that is near the mouse. It will say "Image from camera is printing."
~ Go to the printer cabinet.
~ Get the paper that has come out with 247 highlighted.
~ Go the keypad and enter these numbers. Exit and click on the door nob.

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