Escape Pink Room

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Adsız said...

Play the sudoko game and get bullet case(dont need screw)

1st bullet.
go right look in first aid box, get sissors. Go right again and get teddy. use sissors and get brown key. put sissors and teddy back. Go right twice. put key in red and yellow box. get out all diamonds and get bullet. PUT ALL DIAMONDS BACK.

2nd bullet.
Go back to first aid box, look under asprin and get bullet (its very faint)

3rd bullet.
Press bottom of lamp get paper clip and then get bullet, put paper clip back.

4th bullet
Go to pink safe, press to the righ tof it and get lipstick, open it using glove you get from first aid box (you have to press lipstick a few times)

5th bullet
Get stethescope, go to safe and press the numbers. TURN SOUND UP ON COMPUTER. the click will sound different when the number is right. move money, get bullet, put money back.

6th bullet
Look at blue coat and zoom in on the right pocket click shaddow and get bullet.

7th bullet.
Look under left pillow, get bullet

8th bullet. Look under bed(click to right of bed) get sweet. open it and get bullet. put wrapper back.

9th bullet look behind red and yellow nox and get bullet.

put all the bullets in the bullet case.
Get gun from bin( under all items)
Then go to door, just press the bullet case and press the door nine times. Your out

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