Room Escape V1

Odayi arastirip bulabildigimiz nesne ve ipuclarini kullanarak odada cikiyoruz.

Oynamak icin tiklayin..

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Adsız said...

"Room Escape V1" walkthrough:

Click twice to the left and you'll face the couch.
Click to the lower left of the couch and take the keys.
Click twice to the right and you'll face the PC and desk.
Click on your keys in inventory than top right drawer and take paper.
In a new window type
This should bring you to a page that then becomes an error page. (Some have had a problem with this page working properly.)
On the error page click "Detect Clock Settings" which is in red letters. This gives you the number 852456.
Click once to right and click 9 times on the cabinet to open it.
Click on the safe you see there.
Enter 852456 in the safe and click on "Go"
Take paper
Click once to the left, click on computer, click on the black button, click on the little red icon and enter "" into the computer. Don't use capital letters.

Another walkthrough:

1)click at the bottom left of the sofa to get keys.
2)Go back to computer and open the top draw on the right.
3)Visit and click "skip ad"
4)Click on Detect Clock Settings within the fourth bullet point.
5)Click "skip ad" again if you need too then you will get the safe number.
6)Enter safe number into safe to get another address.
7)That address is the password for the computer.
8)Click the button to escape.

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