Kapabo Chase

Kapabo Chase zevkli bir point click oyunu. Ofis içerisinde kaybolmuş nesneleri bulmaya çalışıyoruz.

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Adsız said...

Kapabo Chase walkthrough:

1. Get the ladder from front of the door
2. put the ladder next to the old man he will give u a sum of money
3. Go to the resturant or cafe near tama'z room and buy 3 coloured balls with money you have.
4. Give 3 coloured balls to the monkeys.
5. click on the tree next to them
7. Get rubber duck from hippo tank
8. give rubber ducks to dogs behind kangroo
9. poke the three holes above owl
10. When monkey creatures come out place ladder above the rock
11. Go to building press down between tamaz room and resturant
12. play with the dragon repat his moves and get diving stuff
13. go to tamaz room and get the diving suit
14. go to building and into kalppa rooms
15. dive inside the water you will see a house (clueless nothing happens in there)
16. Give whatever stuff you found to who tehy belong.
17. Give yellow boots to man who said he was waiting for you and have a look what happens dnt wnna blow the suprise

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