Amoadv-Locked out of the House

Amoadv-Locked out of the House, yine Japon yapımı, gerçek resimler ile hazırlanmış point click tarzı bir oyun. Etrafı araştırıp, bulmacaları çözerek oyunu tamamlıyoruz.


sEAN said...


1.) Go to the mailbox.
2.) Go to the side of it with the numbers on the top.
3.) Click on the numbers to zoom in.
4.) Don't press the arrow button. Instead, enter the code as follows: 325414523.
5.) Go to the motorcycle.
6.) Take the pipe-adjuster thing from it's pack.
7.) Go left, and turn around. You'll be facing a white beam/pole.
8.) Click on the base of the beam/pole, and you'll see two wires.
9.) Click on one of the wires to zoom in even closer.
10.) Click on the wire that you zoomed in on to connect them.
11.) Go back so that you're facing the motorcycle and the fridge again. Click on the panel on the fridge.
12.) Once it opens, click on the white button inside of the panel.
13.) Go to the tub a bit behind the white car.
14.) Go right from there.
15.) See that switch? Click on it.
16.) Okay, puzzle-solving time! Click on the left button three times, and the right button nine times. Don't tinker with them anymore after that; LEAVE!
17.) Go to the window; it's on the side of the house that the mailbox is on. Click the mechanism. (I don't know what to call that thing, but every modern house has one.)
18.) Click the red button. Exit.
19.) Go to the closet, facing the white door. (NOT THE FRONT ENTRANCE!)
20.) Open it. (What else?)
21.) Align the eyes like this: / -- /.
22.) Close the door.
23.) Go near that wooden fence, (but not to it.)
24.) Play around until you've discovered a manhole/grating like thing.
25.) Open the left one. Use the pipe-adjuster thing on it once. Then, zoom out, and check the manhole/grating thing next to it. What you have to do is keep adjusting the left hole's white dot thing until the right hole's blue cylinder thing reads: (you might have to squint to see it) ~~ . I believe it changes to that picture every three turns of the pipe-adjuster, so good luck getting it to come up.
26.) Once you have the right design imprinted in the blue cylinder thingamabob, go to the right side of the house, and zoom in on the hose. Simply click it to turn it, and the power will come on for the water puzzle. (That sentence won't really make sense until you've actually done this.) You're almost done!
27.) Go to the front door of the house.
28.) Go left.
29.) Click on the security panel.
30.) I wish my security panel could defy the most sensible logic of physics, and do something inexplicably cool as that in real life! Here's the code: Click on the bottom left button first. Click on the top left button second. Click on the bottom right button third. Click on the top middle button fourth. Click on the top right button fifth. Finally, click on the bottom left button sixth.
31.) Zoom out, and hear a sound effect to approve your correct coding.
32.) Go right, and click on the door handle. Go inside.
33.) Click on the computer. You will now have a screen that will zoom in onto the computer, and the computer will be turned off.
34.) Now that you see the computer close-view form, click on the large round button on it's bottom, and to the right side.
This will turn it on. Now see what happens...
35.) Sit back and enjoy.

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