Get Out -One Simple Room

Tek ekrandan oluşmasına rağmen çok ayrıntısı olan güzel bir oyun.

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Sercan said...


get the remote by the front left leg
get the cup from top of tv
get coin from under tv buttons
get battery from behind book
get leaf from plant(it’s the 2nd one from left, beside big leaf)
click under tv on outlet use the coin to unscrew the screws
pick up screw from floor(may have to click a few times)
go back to outlet click(outlet will come off) get key
plug in tv
go to breakage in phoneline click and close-up of phoneline will come up
put leaf in breakage then put screw
take key and open closet
get hanger and battery
close closet
put batteries in remote
put hanger on tv
click remote then click tv screen
use cup and get oil leaking from ceiling(you will not get oil from the puddle on the floor)
open closet use cup of oil to open top drawer
get phone close closet
put phone on reciever wait a few seconds for the light to turn green
pick up phone use phone to call locksmith
to do this click the tv screen
whenever th locksmith gets there get the pliers
get the hanger from the tv
use the pliers with the hanger
click on the left side of the closet which will bring you behind the closet and you will see a broom use the undone hanger(hook)to get the broom
use the broom to knock over the plant
go behind the closet again and pick up the dirt
use the pliers the get the tv buttons
go behind the closet and use the hollow button to get the water
press the elemental lock on the box and put the water in the blue slot
put the dirt in the brown slot
use the pliers with the broom
unplug the tv from the outlet
put the straw into the outlet now HURRY and put the burning straw in the red slot of the elemental lock on the box
now double click the white slot and it will fill up
slide the coin under the door then open the box get the 1st coin and slide it under the door then do the same for the 2nd and 3rd
but the 4th coin will be all bent up and out of shape
open the closet put the coin in the key hole of the bottom drawer
now take this key lookin mold and put it with the light bulb now it is stiff
use the key to unlock the drawer
get the magnet close the closet and use the magnet to get the coin out of the box
slip the coin under the door and that’s it just open the door

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