Gate to the Truth

Gate to the Truth point&click tarzı bir diğer Japon oyunu. Etrafı araştırıp gerekli nesne ve ipuçlarını bulup kullanarak oyunu bitiriyoruz.

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excalibur said...

The locations of items:

Iron Piece with the Star of David: First screen, top of the stair.

Dragon Quest Key: Second screen, mail box.

Burnt Book: First screen to left, under the pay phone.

Cane: Next screet to left, stump behind the cat.

Chalice: Next screen to left, sunflower that appears when the street sign is cliked.

Coin: Next screen to left, a girl with a tote bag.

Sandals: Next screen to left, striped socks of the girl.

Sword: Next screen to left, top portion of the building in the middle.

Triangles disappear when you go back upstairs to the door without "placing" items in them. They will reappear when people walking in the middle of the street in the screen that you picked up the sandals are clicked.

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