IBM Developer Code 5

Serinin diğer bölümlerind eolduğu gibi yine kapalı kaldığımız ofisten çıkmaya çalışıyoruz.

Serinin diğer oyunları:

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San said...


Well at first when u get in the room look behind the curtains to get pass for the computer. Then Get the tool out of plant pot. Click top shelf of bookshelf to go to secret room and get the 2 glasses and the paper. The paper tells u the username for the computer. Then get in the computer view and click lower left of the side of the desk. Open all the shelves to get string eye glasses and journal. OK u can either go to the url in the journal or just
Now put the code on locker and get the red die. Click the white glass and put the die on it to make it red. Then u use the cutter on the blue and red glass.(click on glass to make it bigger then when cut click the finish)Now u can go to the computer and put in the username from the paper and the password from the wall behind curtain. Then u click the folder(just keep clicking till it opens.) Then click on the file(again keep clicking) then click on the print at the top right of the computer screen. Get the paper from the printer and put all the items u have left in the gray box.(Glasses,string,red glass cut,blue glass cut.)
Then click on the glasses and its in ur inventory then click them again and ur done!

Another walkthrough:

click over the library

it will open get rhe 2 papers at the bottom and paper on the top left

go to the plant and get tool

go to computer and open the draws (hard to do for me click th botom right or somthin)

click on window to get password

type in computer the username and password (not tellin)

print out the paper cut the blue paper and put it and other materials in the paper

go to the url it gives and get the passwoord to the save

use safe item to turn the white paper red cut it

use the glasses on the picture

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