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Adsız said...

1. Check middle pillow on couch - 1st game chip
2. In bookcase: click 4th book on left top shelf - magnifying glass
3. Click big purple book on middle shelf, right side of bookcase: game chip falls out and lands behind left couchpillow - 2nd game chip
4. Go left. You see a painting on the wall. Click it and then click lower part to go down on painting. In lower right corner you find... - 3rd game chip
5. Face table. Click everything on it: lamp, pencil, cocktail, bible, scissors, piece of paper and table cloth. You find... - 4th game chip.
6. Click right side of table. What falls out?... - 5th game chip. By now your inventory is full, so restore table by putting everything back, except cocktail, scissors and bible (on the piece of paper there's a hint, but since you're using this walkthrough, you won't be needing it). Now take - 5th game chip.
7. Double click bible and take out gun by clicking like mad (in my first try it helped to use the mag. glass...). Put bible back on table, cause you won't be needing it any more.
8. Go left once. Click on green box, take out grenade. No need to click any of the other boxes, nothing useful is in it.
9. Go left again. You now face a curtain. Go in it, 'cause we need some room in our inventory :). You see a brown safe/case with little squares on it. Click the squares, then drag al your game chips on it.
10. Since we're here: Double click the gun in your inventory. Then use mag. glass on it. Click on left side to go to the left, keep going 'till you see a 6 - digit number (mine was 944925, but it changes every game). Remember this digit.
11. Click on safe and enter the 6digit number by clicking above or below numbers to change them. The safe opens and you get - 2 Dollar and 6th game chip.
You can put the 2 dollar back in the safe, because you don't need it.
12. Leave "cave" and you face the plastic bag again. Use scissors to open bag (a cat jumps out). Take red/white straw, cat litter and 7th game chip below cat litter. Put cat poo back, really, you do absolutely not need that! :-)
13. Double click cocktail in inventory. Then drag straw over it and "drink" the drink. You get - 8th game chip!
14. Go back to brown case behind curtain to lose the game chips.
15. When facing curtain/plastic bag, go left/right twice to face the table again. Take everything off again so you face the bare table. Then click on the brick behind the table; it opens like a drawer and you get - 9th game chip!! :-D (is this fun, or what?!) Now you can put everything back on the table to get some space in your inventory, but it isn't really necessary.
16. Go back to brown case behind curtain to put in last game chip.
This was just part one of the game. Part two is to put the game chips in the right order on the yellow circles on the left side. In Dutch this game is called "domino", don't know how it's called in English (I think the same?...) But what you have to do is make sure the numbers of one square are corresponding with the number on the adjacent square, so that all the squares can be put together on the yellow dots. Sounds simple, but really takes a bit of figuring out. The numbers on the game chips change everytime, so all I can do for ya is give you a tip: find a chips with no possible (corresponding)numbers on the sides. This chip is most likely to be places on an outer yellow dot.
17. Congrats! You figured out the Domino-game! Now, open the brown case and get an USI or whatever the thing-of-war is called. Double click it when it's in your inventory, and drag the grenade in your inventory over it, so the two combine.
18. When facing the plastic bag, go right once. Click the large area of bare bricks on the wale so it's magnified. Use grenade-thrower on it to make a hole in the wall --> et voila! You're out!

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