IBM Developer Code 6

IBM Game serisinin 6. bölümü. Kapalı kaldığımız ofisten çıkmaya çalışıyoruz.

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San said...


First, click on the top of the the water jug to get ipod. Click the ipod to make it bigger then click it on there to get a battery. Then click on middle left shelf on the box to get tape. Click on top of bookshelf to get the head statue. Click on the left arm of the left sofa to get a light bulb. Then go into the computer screen to get a ?Scanner? from the top shelf. Then put the battery and the light bulb in the ?Scanner?. While in computer screen look in garbage to get a ?wheel looking thing? Now click on the safe to get a ?Red thing? Wheel thing and put the pin in it. This makes the head and wheel thing fade out. Now turn off the lights and click on the red cup and put the ?Scanner? on it then us the ?Red Thing? on the fingerprint then the tape on it. Then go to the computer and turn it on. Use the tape on the computer. Then click on the folder and again on the file.(might need to click more then once.The message found inside the document wants u to locate the code for the safe from this URL
Open the safe with the code and there u go! Click on the paper and ur out.

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