Dona Room 2

Dona Room 2 , Dona Room odadan kaçış oyunları serisinin ikinci bölümü. Flash yapımı bu oyunda yine kapalı kaldığımız Dona'nın odasından kurtulmaya çalışıyoruz. Etrafı inceleyip gerekli nesne ve ipuçlarını bulup değerlendirerek oyunu tamamlıyoruz.

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Adsız said...

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Ercan said...

1- Go to the refrigerator and get the eggs.
2- Go to the cupboard and click on the rice cooker, if you click again you get the pot.
3- Put the pot under the sink an turn on the water, one egg floats, that is the older egg. If you remenber in the refrigerator it says that the full square is equal to that circle that says older in the middle. The circle is the egg so the number that's on the floating egg on the por is the number of the full square.
4- Go to the rice ccoker again and click on the red part, it shows you an equation that gives you the number that equals X, look at the cupboard and count the number of teacups, wine glasses (the taller ones) regular glasses, then solve the equation using that numbers and you got X.
5- get the fork behind of the cupboard by the right side.
6- turn to the poster on the wall and look under the table for the lamp and put the lamp on the sided hole or whatever that is, on that thing over the oven and turn of the lights of the room, click on that tiny yellow spot on the place that stood the thing over the oven, and again clik on the yellow spot, were before the lights were turn off stood the cables and you get another puzzle.
7- turn on the lights again and go to the button of the oven, put them in place like the puzzle before said and you get the mumber of reverted full triangle.
8- use the fork to get a piece of paper off that drawer between the button of the oven (on the right side you'll se a white thing that's the paper click on that), it gives you another equasion that is the key of the locker on the fridge.
9- open that drawer after you took the paper and get 1 object, that object is to close the mouse hole, on the left side of the cupboard, put it there, click on the mouse and wait untill he pushes a wheel thing (it looks like that things to cut pizza), get that thing.
10-open the drawer under the oven and you got a circle withe simbols... well all you got to do is pass the thing to cut pizza over it... but you got to put the arrow on the pizza wheel ( sorry my english is not to good cause i'm portuguese...) on the star, roll that thing over and when it stays in front of a arrow take the number that is the match for one of the simbols (full circle, triangle and square) then you got the numbers for the safe in the drawers above the sink... the simbols aren't the order as in the circle puzzle so watch carefully. open the safe and you get a cork screw... use it on the drawer that as no handle under the sink, uset there and you got a plastic with some draws above it.
11- Use the plastic with the draws on the draw on the table and you got the number that matches the star.
12- go to the fridge and put the code matching with the simbols that were given to you in that paper that you took on the oven drawer (the one in the middle of the buttons) and that will open the refrigerator drawer.
13- take the cake and give it to the mouse... and while he is eating take the key from is tail.
14- use the key on the cupboard drawer... read the note and don't mind the banana...
15- go back to the mice to see him sleeping or wahtever he is doing in the cake, click on it and you're

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