Goobike One-Off

Sarı ve kırmızı arabalı odalardan sonra bu sefer de motosiklet bulunan bir odadan çıkmaya çalışıyoruz.

Oynamak için tıklayın..

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Papua said...


~ Click on the front tyre twice and get the battery.
~ Come out of the screen and go right. Click on the yellow tool box and get the lighter.
~ There is a engine near the pile of tyres. Click on it and get the yellow mobile that is behind the engine.
~ Go right again and click on the left chair. Once you have a closer look of the chair, click on it so that it will move forward. You will see a mirror under the shelf leaning on the wall. Get that. There is a silver key near the CD player. Get that too.
~ Come out of the screen and click on the Goobike magazine that is on the table. There is a key behind the laptop, get it.
~ Come out of the screen and go right. Click on the fridge to open it and get the hook.
~ Click behind the fridge and get the suitcase.
~ Click on the dustbin that is on the right. Click again to move it and get the DVD that is under it.
~ Click on the suitcase, then about item and use the golden key on it. Get the radio controller.
~ Now go to the screen where there is the pile of tyres. You will see something blue behind it but you can't reach it.
~ Click on the radio controller then the blue thing.
~ Come out of the screen and go to the screen of the bike. Click on the back tyre twice. You will see the toy bike. Get it.
~ Come out of the screen. Click on the bike. You will see a hook on the wall. Click on it. Put the hook in your inventory to the right side.Then put the mirror on the hooks.
~ Go to the laptop. Put the DVD on the right side of the laptop and the battery on the left side.
~ Now put the yellow mobile on the wire that is on the right of the laptop.
~ Turn on the laptop. Let the process complete. Once complete, click on "TRANSPORT" then click on Yes. Click on menu then exit.
~ Come out of the screen and go to the door and click on Post. Get the mail.
~ Now click on the lighter in your inventory. Click on it twice to turn it on.
~ Now open the mail you got. Click on the lighter and then again on the mail. You will see a four digit code. Write it down somewhere. The code changes for every game.
~ Use the code from the paper on the front tyre lock.
~ Click on the toy bike, then about item. Click on the back tyre thrice. Now click on the radio controller and then again on the tyre. Another 4 digit code will appear. Write down this one as well.
~ Use this code on the lock of the back tyre.
~ Click on the handle of the bike three times. Use the silver key on it.
~ Now click on the fuel tank of the bike so that the bike will move a little further. Click on the mirror.
~ Write down the code you see on the mirror on a paper.
~ Now click on the front tyre of the bike twice. Click on the floor right under the tyre.
~ You will see the other half of the code.
~ The bottom arrow indicates that it is the bottom part of the code and the top arrow indicates that it is the top part of the code.
~ Combine the two half codes you have and you will get another 4 digit number.
~ Use this code on the locked door and come out of the screen and click on the door.
~ You are out.

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