Leaving Your Room 5

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Derya said...

Walktrough - Keys locations

At firts, I'll tell the easy ones:
1 at top left corner of the screen
2 on the left closet knobs (there's a blink one)
3 on the yellow closet
3 blinking on the wall behind the yellow closet
1 between the ballons and the oven
3 on the knobs from lower closets
1 on the balcony, near the dishes (bhind paper)
1 on the other side of the sink
1 besides the red button under the moving green panel (must wait until it moves)

Now, the keys that you must open or do something...
1 move slowly the green piece in the blue dot until a key appears under it
2 inside the yellow closet
2 under the paper with the numbers and arrows, besides the phone
1 behind the phone (must move it)
1 on the lower left closet
2 behind a black secret panel inside this closet (click and drag on the black area until found it)
3 on 2nd left closet
3 on the lower right closet
2 under the dirty floor tile. "Clean" it by drag the mouse over it to get those 2 (it's not that easy, but works this way)
2 - above the blue line, on the balcony, there are 3 white pieces. Move them to the right

Now you must enter the "code" for those buttons. Light all the red dots on the sequence (from left to rigth): 5, 9, 6, 2, 8, 10, 1, 7, 3 and 4.
Now the red "button" in the oven should be turned green. Click it several times until a flame blow out all the ballons.

1 key on the right closet's door
3 - one inside rigth door and two on the left door of this closet
2 click some times repetly on the left door until a key falls down and another key will be behind the moving green panel
1 behind the green panel besides the moving on (you must click the red button)
1 Slowly move again the green piece on the blue line until another key appears
2 keep moving it and a "portal" to a music room will appear. You can find 2 more keys on portal's border
2 keys on the piano
2 in the piano seat (remove secret panel on the floor beneath to find one)
3 on the partition

Now I go for the harder ones...

On the FireFox note (beteen yellow and red closets)
1 on the draws hand
1 on the FireFox logo (the yellow part)
1 behind the panel: to open it, not that the paper gives you 3 numbers: 3, 5 and 5. Close the paper and use the numbers on the changeable squares and put then in the collors (from top) purple, red and red. Open the note again and see the panel moving...

Cornflake note (the last right paper on the balcony)
1 look for a secret panel on the right side of the title (see that the "e" in the end is missing)

Nordinho's note (besides the dishes)
1 Between 2nd and 3rd paragraph

Osama's note (above blue line)
There's a panel to the right of the word "Llama". Drag it and find this key

The "city scape" (inside right lower closet)
4 keys from that poster. Also, note when you click it, de description says something about the number "18221". Call this on the phone to show 3 hidden keys:
1 next to the dishes
1 on the floor
1 again, behind the green moving panel

Now, click on top key on the phone:
1 key below the word "from"
This card also gives hints to Pigles phone number, "214123":
For = 4
to = 2
one = 1
Call him to find another number in his arm, "15582", and get another key.
Call the new number and Roadrunner will pass from left to right on the floor, with another key in his peak. That's nothing close to be easy, but you have to take it...

Click on the 3rd (bottom) key on the phone and drag a secret panel on the top left of the Schuarzenegger poster. to get a key. Also, drag the hole poster to find a note with the number "11124" and another key

Call "11124" and Spongebob give's you:
2 - one in each hands
2 - in the cheeks
1 in the eyelash (1st one from left to right)

Click on the phone again and click OK without numbers. Some creature appears. Close text box and get key from it's hat.

On the bottom left corner of the balcony, there're the number "15231". Dial it and see the elephant removing the water from the sink, giving another 2 keys.

Below the sink there's a secret panel "where is written "Green = 1"). Drag it to the left and take another key and a formula. The formula result is 2, 3, 5. That means green, pink and red. Change colors and get key from panel...

Drag the upper 2nd pink floor tile to the right to get a key and a note. See the note and drag the "red warning" to take one more key.

From the middle roe, drag the 1st floor tile from the left, get the key and press the button. Take a key from crocodilo's mouth. (Right click to see the cursor)

Put the same floor tile back to it's place to see another key.

Besides the phone, the paper with the arrows and numbers shows you to press your KEYBOARD. You can find 10 keys pressing LEFT (find 3 keys), RIGHT (2), DOWN (1) and UP (5) arrows. But be patience...

Press TAB on your keyboard and Tweety wil show up with the last 3 keys (hands, arm and cheeks) and go

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