Sononamo oyunu Samorost ve Hapland oyun serilerine benzer zevkli bir oyun. Doğru nesnelere doğru sıra ile tıklayıp evden çıkmayı başarıyoruz.

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Adsız said...

1. click on pic -> bomb falls
2. click on right then left light switch ->lamp goes on outside
3. click on circles in 2nd room upstairs. from left to right. first 2 turn red. last one falls down -> activate the trap
4. click on left window (red man looks) then right (opens window) and again left (red man comes in)
5. click on red man -> goes to yellow man
6. click on first floor door click on pink man to get out and again to let him walk down
7. click on jar with bomb inside -> trap falls down & button (initially next to trap) lights up red
8. click pink guy to go to the door
9. doubleclick on lamp outside to break it -> green guy is coming gets electocuted and falls down.
10. open window on right side of building in first floor
11. click on the blue cable hanging on ceiling
12. click on red button

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