Aliens from Planet Dave

Aliens from Planet DaveAliens oyununda biskuvilerimizin peşinde olan uzaylıları durdurmaya çalışıyoruz. Bu güzel macera oyununda nesnlere tıklamak ve gizli silahları bulmak gerekiyor.

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Adsız said...


1) Find the gun in the toilet

2) Get the salt (NaCl) from the chest of drawers

3) Use it on the alien

4) Jump right

5) Shoot all the aliens

6) When in my room, click on the spade

7) Then click on the wardrobe

8) Then click on the alien costume

9) The code (in case you didn't find it in my room) is 792

10) Click on 'offer him a biscuit'

The End

Another walkthrough:

First click the arrow on the bottom. You should be facing the toilet. Click the toilet bowl, and you'll find a gun. You need it for later. Then, it's time. Roll out of the door and shoot the alien. Another one's charging you. Search the middle right drawer. There's NaCl (Sodium Chloride). Don't use the knife. The other dissolves it. Then, when lots of them come, dive right (left is a wall, so look carefully). Shoot as many aliens as you can. Then collect the "Red Spade" and look for the code, 792, on the desk really good. Open the closet door with the shovel. Use the alien costume to get past. Once past, take the picture, where you'll find a safe. Remeber the code? Use that. Then, with the big alien, offer him a biscut.

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