The Room 1

Nasil geldigimizi hatirlamadigimiz turuncu bir odada uyaniyoruz. Karnimiz cok ac oldugu icin bir an once nesne ve ipuclarini bulup kullanarak odadan cikiyoruz.

Oynamak icin tiklayin..

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Adsız said...

1.go right then down and grab the coke if you want to.(not needed) between the drawers and the sheves and grab the memory card.
3.go back then go right, click the drawers and open the bottom one.
4.grab the paper then go back. the couch then click under it and grab the paper.
6.go right twice then click the thing on the table the 3rd button on the 1st row and the 2nd row and the 2nd button on the 3rd row and grab the key.
8.go back to the drawer and click the top one and take personal organiser.
9. click the organiser in your items the n click the memory card back then right and click the safe
11.type in the numbers you got but flip 801 upside down to make 108 and press the button. the safe again and take the piece out of it then click back the picture on the wall and click each of the pieces on the umbrella
from left to right.
14. click the gray space in the puzzle and then click the middle button and copy the pattern to get the door key.
15.take the key, go to the door, and click the handle and your out

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