Escape for 10 Seconds

10 saniye içinde kapalı kaldığımız odadan çıkmamız gerekiyor.


eda said...

10 saniye mi??

Adsız said...


-click down arrow
-pick up nippers
-click at bomb
-cut the correct wire (differs), if next to the bomb is a paper with letters on it it's the red one, if there's a paper with scissors on it, it's the yellow one and if theres something else the blue one

-take screwdiver
-right arrow
-open outlet, push button
-take gun, shoot door

-left arrow
-shake plant
-lift plant
-take gun, shoot doorknob

-click right picture twice
-take key which looks different from the others (it's a bit longer)
-push doorknob (this ending gives u a rank)

-right, right
-look under couch
-take tape
-put tape in vcr
-click at the left side of the TV, just where the man is pointing at the end of the tape (notice that time resets after watching the tape, so from this point on you have practically unlimited time)
-take card
-use card with slot (if you don't find it turn off the lights)

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