Himatubu Escape

Gerekenleri yaparak odadan çıkmaya çalışıyoruz.

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Adsız said...

1. turn right once, get crow bar on right side of large bookshelf.
2. turn left once, highlight crowbar, get gold key from cieling above door.
3. turn left again. get screwdriver behind right side of bench, use it to open compartment right of bench and get silver key.
4. turn left once again. use gold key on safe. take diagram. Note the paper on the back of the drawer. (be sure to click on left hand corner to flip it down!!)
5. turn left (yes again..) click right hand side, only, higher than where you got crowbar. note the paper. use silver key on safe. use clue from above note. get knife.
6. click down to the corner where the crowbar was. click on floor with knife. button will appear, click it!
7. left one last time. go to coder above shelves. use hint from inside drawer (refer to number 4. if you forgot.) get last key.
8. Open the door!

ok, for the final code, look at the letters on that paper in the drawer.

NO= 0
VW= 0
AC= 1
FM= 6
NY= 10

none of these letters actually have anything to do with anything, they are just a hint.

NOW look at the alphabet.


between N and O there are 0 letters.

same with V and W

One letter between A and C

(is this starting to make sense?)

6 letters between F and M

10 letters between N and Y


look at the hint for the actual code.

IQ x ER x PS = ?

? x 2 = code.

think you can figure it out now?

the alaphabet is already written out above, so use it and just count the letters in between

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