Madasafish Great Escape

Nasil geldigimizi hatirlamadigimiz bir odada uyaniyoruz ve cikmak icin etrafi arastiriyoruz.

Oynamak icin tiklayin..

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Adsız said...

Madasafish Great Escape walkthrough:

Move in on coffee machine
Click button to get a (useless) key
Click electric cord at rear of coffee machine
Move to fridge, open and take torch (4th shelf far right near door)
Move to computer desk, click boxes on left. Get an “E”
Switch computer on and play match game. Get code.
Move to grey box at desk end, and drag electric cord to box.
Get (useless) moving black fish and letter “P” from box inside.
Look at main door, click jars on top right shelf.
Get letter “N” from between jars.
Go to cupboard under sink (left of rocket)
Open cupboard and use torch to see safe.
Drag the code over to the safe to activate.
Get lighter from safe.
Move away from safe, and go back in using torch again.
Get letter “O” on left of safe.
Light candle (right of coffee machine).
You will get a monkey …honestly!
Click tile on floor under monkey.
Get a box. Click box from inventory and put the jigsaw pieces in place to spell…
OPEN (duh!)
Get static black fish from box.
Go to rocket, use static black fish, and press button…

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