Escape Paris

Amacımız Paris Hilton'ı kapalı kaldığı odadan kurtarmak.

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Adsız said...


1.from the 1st scene go right, and get the mirror and mascara.

2.go right again and get the shades and communicator.

3.right again and get the blue thing(i don't know what its called.)

4.from the 1st scene go down and open the grey metal by that blue thing and get the hamburger.

5.give the food to the dog and turn right, .now use the communicator and put 11.(it'z ur cell #. u'll see this # by using the mirror to the door.

6. a mouse will come out from the basin, get him.

7. click him and point to the basin. you'll see a key, get it.

8.go right again, use the mascara in the window. then put the mouse and the key.'re out! but he'll need his shades so you'll go back and click the shades. the end

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