Escape Da House 3

Serinin üçüncü oyununda yine gerekenleri yaparak evden çıkıyoruz.


Adsız said...

in the cell:
1. under shelf
2. on the toilet
3. in the sink (water)
4. in the sink (open the door

in the room with files:
5. under the table
6. on the table
7. under the table with tv
8. in the locker

Adsız said...

-Turn on left tap, key in there.

-Go to single shelf on wall, key under there.

-Go to window bars, batteries are hidden in there.

-Flip lid down on toilet, key in hinge.

-Near bottom right of toilet is weird key, collect it.

-Drag weird key to padlock on shelves, then click shelves, and hole will appear.

-Face door in other room. Collect dagger from cobweb.

-Go out, then turn north east.Collect ID card hidden behind stairs.

-Go back to reception desk. Use dagger to cut through string holding torch to wall.

-Drag batteries to torch. Go up stairs to dark tunnel. Click torch then drag to dark tunnel. It will let you through.

-Drag ID card to scanner. It will let you through.

-Go in. Take key on table leg, then go right.Take key behind TV table leg.

-Go back, then turn left. Take key on table.

-Go back to TV scene, click remote, then channel 5, Remember code.

-Go left twice until you get to the lockers.

-On the top row, there is a locker with a grey box in the middle. Click that, then enter the code you found on the TV, Get key.

-Go back to your original cell.on right of bed, near pillow, there is a fixing fastening the bed to the wall. Click that and take the screw.

-Turn to your sink, then drag the screw to the box underneath it, take key.

-Go back to the room with the filing cabinet in,(TV room) click on the filing cabinet that faces you as you walk in, take the black key.

-Go back to your original cell again, this time, walk out of the door.

-At the bottom of your inventory, there are 2 arrow buttons, with MORE written in the middle. Click the right hand button.

-Drag the black key to the double doors, you're FREE!!!

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