Vagrancy Level 1

Vagrancy serisinin birinci bölümü olan bu oyunda ufak bir odada kilitli kalmışız. Yapmamız gereken odayı dikkatlice araştırıp gerekli nesneleri ve ipuçlarını bulup kullanarak odadan çıkmak.

Oynamak için tıklayın..

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1. get the red box on the chair.
2. get the GPS on the bottom of the shelf.
3. get a work plan sheet on the upper shelf.
4. click on the TV several times to get a map shows new zealand. use this as a code to open the red box then get the key.
5. use this key to open the door and go upstair.
6. click the computer and open the third icon to get the message.
7. open the first drawer beside the bed to get the handle of the screw driver.
8. go down stair to return the room.
9. click on the bottom edge of the sofa to get the other part of the screw driver.
10. use the screw driver on the heater control to get key.
11. use the key on the door outside--level complete.

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