Incognitus Asleep in the Deep

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Adsız said...


click cabinet take coat hanger close drawer and return to room, click dark space under cabinet take gold thing and click towards the front to get a electricity bill return to room, look at the calender and note the date that is circled, look at bill and go down until you find that date follow it across to get a five digit number remember it for later, return to the room by clicking object description again to get it to go away

Now click beside the cabinet you will see a pipe click the top opening and take the flute click return to room twice, go right once click the hamster cage to get a wheel, click on the lower left corner of the box and get a wrench return to the room

go right once and click on the floor underneath the meter to view a panel take the nuts off with the wrench while they are unscrewing click your pliers and click the coat hanger you have to do it TWICE by clicking the pliers click the hanger click the pliers again and click the hanger again to make a lock pick, then click the pliers again and click the flute to make a tube. After the nuts are off move the panel to the side and ONLY click the bottom switch return to the room

Click on the meter and note the equation under the circles c1200-240vx3w 485 return to the room Go right once and put the hamster wheel on the pipe on the floor next to the open standing tube with a box in it click on the floor where you see the corner of a grate and put the tube you made out of the flute into the open space return to the room

Go right two times and note the tic-tac-toe board X=1 O=2 go down the table top to bottom and count the numbers 2,2,4,3,2,3 while your there you should see a round window there is a magnet disguised as a screw find it also in the rectangle light there is an ID card grab it

go left to the red wheels click on them to get a closer view click them from top to bottom in the order you got from the tic-tac-toe puzzle return to the room click the hamster wheel and the tube will fill with water bringing the box to the top open the box note the equation c-vxw ? sound familiar? Now close the box up and put the numbers from the meter into the equation you got from the box should look like this C1200-240Vx3W 485 so subract the first two numbers get a new number multiply that number by 3 and add 485 and get the answer

Go left twice to the meter click the ID card and put it in the slot under the meter click the meter and use the magnet you got from the window and turn the little needles to the numbers you got from the bill you should see the grey dot (tiny one) turn green if you got it right return to the room click the dark panel next to the one with the switchs a box comes up click it to get a key

you may have to turn left once in order to see the hamster cage again notice the coat hangers? Click the left one next to the last one the lights will go off and you will see and upside down John Travolta notice where he is pointing click the number again to turn on the lights now click on the top of the baseboard around the dark spot to get a second key return to the room

Go back to the safe box on the cabinet you may have to zoom in to see the lock numbers better press them until you get the number that you got from the equation if you manually zoomed in zoom back out and click the bottom right corner of the box where its changing colors from grey to dark brown get the third key return to the room

Go left twice until you see the black window pull the hammock rope click the bottom left lock and use your lock pick to move the teeth up the ones on the left side their should be four do it QUICKLY once they are all up click your gold tension lock pick and click the circle area to turn it close out put the keys in the other locks when they are not highlighted in your inventory it means it worked I dunno which order they went once you placed all three keys click the black part and it will move away move the box to the front of the window click the window again and you are home free.

Adsız said...

Get hanger out of drawer. Use pliers twice to make lockpick.

Click cubby hole under drawer, get tension wrench, then click twice on bottom of cubby hole to open and grab electric bill.

Click to the right of the drawer and look in the pipe to get the recorder. Use pliers on recorder to make pipe.

Turn right, get mouse wheel, then click bottom left behind the crate to grab the wrench.

Turn right, click below meter to view panel. Use wrench on each nut, then turn the bottom switch off. (Leave top switch on)

Back out to normal view, turn right. Use mouse wheel on the little hole bottom right, then click near the grate at your feet. Use pipe to fill in the missing piece.

Go right again, open the light fixture to get the ID card, then pull on the hammock rope to reveal the locks on the window.

Use the lockpick on the lock (this will take some time), then use the tension wrench to open it the whole way.

Go right once more and grab the magnet disguised as a bolt from the window.

Go left three times, then use the ID card on the slot to the bottom of the meter.

Zoom in on meter & Set the meter to 3 6 2 9 5 using the magnet.

After you set the meter, you get the 1st key by clicking on the dark spot next to the panel You opened with the wrench. That unlocks one more corner of the window.

You may have to turn left once in order to see the hamster cage again notice the coat hooks? Click the second last one. The lights will go off and you will see an upside down John Travolta. Notice where he is pointing. Click the coat hook again to turn on the lights. Now click on the top of the baseboard where John Travolta was pointing to get a 2nd key.

The Tic-Tac-Toe game (X’s & O’s) shows the number of times to turn each of the red Wheels (from top to bottom).
1st Wheel - 2
2nd Wheel - 2
3rd Wheel - 4
4th Wheel - 3
5th Wheel - 2
6th Wheel - 3
After this, click on the mouse wheel that you put in place, and the tube will fill with water, and the item will float to the top? Answer the equation to get the code for the combination box on top of drawers.

The code (for those of you that can’t work it out) IS 3365... after entering it you also have to use lockpick (made from hanger) in the lower right corner of the box which is at the border where the colours change. 3rd Key.

Go to window and move box so is under window.
Use all keys to unlock window and click in middle of window to escape.

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