Grisha 1

Grisha 1 Rus yapımı oda oyunu serisinin ilk oyunu. Etrafı araştırıp, gerekli nesne ve ipuçlarını araştırarak kilitli kaldığımız odadan çıkmaya çalışıyoruz.

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Adsız said...


everything needs to be done in this order or it wont work

first you click on the RED words then the key then the door

go through the door

click and get mouse the click and get book then a map will pop up

click on the circle in the far left

then click on the man after done talking to him click on the red thing on the ground

then click on the book you got from the room and combine it with the red thing you just received

give it to the man

the map will pop up again

click on the top left circle

pick up the box and enter the store
talk to the man then click the mouse and then the man ( it took me a couple tries )

the map will pop up again click on the arrow then click on the man to talk to him

after done talking to him give him the box

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