T2B Escape

T2B Escape, kaliteli bir 3D Japon oda oyunu. Güzel grafiklere sahip olduğu için yüklemesi biraz uzun sürüyor.

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"T2B Escape" Walkthrough

1. Click the bottom of the couch, take the wooden board. If u click the bottom side of the board, u will see a symbol (make this on every wooden board too). Look around, u have to see a little thing on the right side of the couch, take the iron stick.

2. Click on the plant and take an other wooden board. Click behind the plant, take the pitcher. The right side of the couch is a box, but doesn’t open (later).

3. Turn one screen right. Click the trash and take an other wooden board. Click between the wall and the leg of the desk and take the memo1.

4. Click the left drawer of the desk and take an other wooden board. Click the pen holder on the desk and take under it a yellow coin. Click into the holder to take a wooden stick. The left side of the screen is a refrigerator (fridge) and a dry plant ont he right side of it(later).

5. Turn one sreen right and click the bottom of the door. Click where the three vertical line ended. Take a green long stick.

6. Turn one screen right. After u click to the basin, click the top of the screen. Use the long stick and take the magnifying glass.

7. Click under the white cabinet and take the memo2. Click the right drawer of the cabinet and take an other wooden board. In the same screen click the left side of the cabinet and take an other wooden board and use the wooden stick in the black hole, now u can open the left drawer. Take the nippers.

8. Go back to the desk and click the area ante the right drawer. U see under the right drawer an iron wire. Use the nippers, open the drawer and take the iron parts.

9. Click on the iron parts until u don’t look a small hole on it (upper side). Combine with the iron stick, now u have a handle for the basin.

10. Go to the basin use the handle, open the water and use the pitcher, fill with water.

11. Go to the refrigerator and click the right side of it. Use the pitcher with water on the plant. Go back one step and go again to the plant and take the red key from it.

12. Go to the couch, click the right side of it and use the red key on the box. Open it and take the lens. Combine the lens with the magnifying glass. Use the glass on the picture over the desk. Note signs.

13. Turn one screen right and click on the smoketable in the middle of the room. Click under the table and fill the glasses with water and put the yellow coin into the hole. Look the memo1. Every glass has a symbol. U have to play with the wooden stick a little melody, what u saw on the picture over the desk. From the left to the right the numbers of the glasses are: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. U have to play in this order: 1,3,5,2,4,6,7,8. The fridge will open.

14. Open the fridge, take an other wooden board. Click the upper shelf of the fridge. U have to solve a puzzle. If u click on the signs, they will change the colors to red. The picture over the desk is a hint. The red colored signs are symmetrical to upside and the blue aren’t (asymmetrical). So change the color to red in the puzzle if the sign is a symmetrical (omega,A,o or zero,star,triangle,8, double circle). Take the yellow key.

15. Go to the white cabinet, use the yellow key and open it. Open the green book and attach the letters with the symbols on the wooden boards. Now u have: S1 (saturday), W (wednesday), S2 (sunday), T1 (tuesday), T2 (thursday), F (friday), M (monday)

16. Click the top shlef of the cabinet and replace the wooden boards from monday to sunday (from left to right). U will hear a sound. Click on the coffe cups and take the blue key.

17. Use the blue key on the blue ball. Open it. Look the memo2. U have to set the colors in the true order from the dot, like in the memo2. The right order is: blue, red, green, cian, magenta, white, yellow, black . Push the button in the middle. Take the green key.

18. Use the green key on the entrance door.

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