Salt Sack Escape Game - 90 Rooms

Salt Sack Escape Game - 90 Rooms, point clik tarzı bir başka oda hapsi oyunu.

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Apple said...

1. Bang the door few times and then turn right.

2. Click the bottom of the game machine and click back immediately.Get the screwdriver next to the machine.

3. Get the paper on the machine and enter password 238929 and get the phonecard.

4. View the screwdriver and click the handle (near the metal piece). You will get a small brown key (0321).

5. There's a keyhole at one of the 4 red drawers on the machine. Open the it and get the yellow cloth.

6. On the right bottom of the pink poster. Get the green circle.

7. Go back to the left. Use the screwdriver at the side of the machine and open the metal plate. switch off the machine (the japanese says: red - on ; blue - off)

8. Use the cicrle on the right top corner of the door and enter the door. Use the smelly yellow cloth immediately on the creature. And then take the long stick at the right and leave.

9. Turn right again and click the bottom of the machine to get the 'blue' access card.

10. Use the long stick picked to click the left-hand side of the machine and you will find the brown box.

11. Use the key on the brown box (0321) and you will get the 'red' access card.

12. Turn right to the page with the phone. Get the paper on the floor. Then, click on the Tel memo we picked on the machine. The Japanese says 'emergency no: 301'

13. Click on the phone and dial 301#. You will see a ladder.

14. Check the ceiling. Use the long stick to pick the weight lifter.

15. Go back and switch off the light.

16. Use the weight lifter to click the heavy black cover on the floor and you will see the blue water tap.

17. Turn on the tap and wait for water comes out and go up.

18. Use the red and blue access cards on the slot.

19. When you see the sky, don't click anything. Wait and you will out.

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