Cat Room Escape

Cat Room Escape, parallellove sakura'dan bu sefer de kedili bir oda oyunu.

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Adsız said...


-Click the bottom right corner of the mat. Note that is says A x B.
-Get the tray from the top of the side table.
-Turn left and place the tray on top of the heater.
-Go right again and get the scissors from where the cat was sitting.
-Go right and click the garbage can. Get the bottle.
-Use the scissors on the present on the table and eat the candy.
-Go right again and click the scale. Use the bottle on the sink and now you have a water bottle.
-Note that is says B=11 above the sink.
-Pick up the vacuum. Double click it to get the coin.
-Put the vacuum back in its place on the floor.
-Go right and get the backpack from the right closet.
-Note that it says A=7.
-Pick up the barbell and stand on the scale. Since A x B = 7 x 11. Then your weight should equal 77.
-When you are 77, you can exit the door with a perfect clear!

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