Aquarius Gate

Aquarius Gate, bir başka point click tarzı oda oyunu.

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Aquarius Gate oyun çözümü

-Click the back left ball on the table. Get the u.
-Go right and click between the lower right cubes. Get the lighter.
-Now click between the 2 cubes on the second row and get the r.
-Go right (or left) twice and go through the door.
-Click behind the left chest and get the a.
-Zoom out and go right. Click the top of the left yellow symbol so you see a button. Press the button and notice that one of the urns fill up with water.
-Zoom out and click the top of the right urn. Get the s.
-Go right and click the bottom right side of the left pillar. Get the A.
-Zoom out and click the small pool of water. Get the u.
-Now zoom out again and click the right pillar, just above the halfway through it. Get the boomerang.
-Right yet again and click the right side of the tealight shelf. Get the tealight candle.
-Click the small shelf with the ball frozen in ice. Place the tealight candle underneath it and then light the candle. Get the q.
-Go right and back through the door. Go right twice and click the upper right corner of the ceiling. Use the boomerang and get the i.
-Now go right again and spell the word Aquarius in the door. Make sure you use the capital A first.
-Go left and notice a blue key has appeared from a secret panel in the wall.
-Go left (or right) twice and use the key on the right side chest. Get the sword.
-Go through the door again and use the sword on the statue in the ice.
Normal End
-Place the statue in the niche in the door. Pull the lever.
Best End
-Put the statue in the pool of water where you found the “u”. It is now energized.
-Now place it in the niche in the door with the word Aquarius. Pull the lever.

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