Darkness Episode 3

Darkness Episode 3, Arcade Street' Lut tarafından yapılan kaliteli bir point click oyunu. Serinin bu üçüncü oyununda araştırmamız gereken yer bir tren.

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Adsız said...

1) Turn left. Pick up the wheel on the floor next to the pole.
2)Go forward then left and pick up the piece of paper and gum under the seat.
3)Turn around. Click on the bag to get candle.
4) Back up to where you started and click under the seats to get matches.
5) Look up and click on the train map to get mirror.
6) Combine the mirror and gum. Click on the vent on the ceiling and put the mirror in the opening and get the other wheel.
7) Go back to the note on the seat. Light the candle with matches and put the candle on the lemony part to get code.
8) Turn around to the red bag, pull out box, put in the two wheels and put in the code that was on the note. (changes every game)
9) Put the mirror on the back of the open box and click on it. Hit spacebar repeatedly to avoid ghost. You will run to other car.
10) Go through the car and pick up full bag, sharp comb, bottle of cola.
11) Use the comb to open bag and get mentos and rolled up magazine. Combine mentos and cola to fight black cloud.
12) Go to the right side of the car and pick up key on seat and run to the other car to the left. You'll have to do the spacebar mashing multiple times on the way.
13)Put the key in the box in the red bag and click it a few times to turn it. Then run to the far door quickly before the train leaves. I don't know what happens if you get off the train but i do know a hand will grab you from under the seat if you don't.

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