Bloons Player Pack 3

Bloons Player Pack 3, Bloons oyun serisinin üçüncü bölümü. Bağımlılık yapan bu point click serisinde amacımız bütün balonları patlatıp, bir sonraki seviyeye geçmek. Okun yönünü ve hızınıı mouse ile belirliyoruz.

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Tim34 said...

Bloons Player Pack 3 tips

3) just aim up the row of spiked balls and go full power

4) First, you need to aim your dart so that it hits at least one of the ice bloons, bounces off of the now-frozen bloon and into one of the 2 bombs on the right. This will cause the spikes to fall on the laser bloon and an extra dart. Now, aim your dart so that it bounces off the frozen bloon(if there’s still an ice bloon left, make sure that gets popped too) into the bomb on the top.

14) make your dart go through the spike above, and hit the ice bloon so it goes over to the left.
before the pink bloons get round to you, send a dart at the bomb in front
hit the rest of the bloons!

16) nimps, just tap a dart just over the top of the ice bloon to get the 4 top ones. and fire one off at full power as close to the underside of the ice bloons without hitting it. That should take out the bottom ones

17) get most of if not all of the bloons in the top right, hit the mines on the way. then get the 3-dart and shoot it at the bloons on the right, keeping the mouse as far away as possible to get a tight spread.

18)hit the pacman right next to you, then move him along to the middle laser balloon that will trigger the pacman that is in the middle of the 5 vertical ones. crawl right to the next laser, then go down through the pacman and hit the next pacman, VERY QUICKLY move to the right, and go up to the yellow balloon with the pokey thing!

19) This is one of those ones that looks like you have to get it exactly right, but you don’t. Just shoot down and bounce off the bottom and the left walls, getting as many of those lined up balloons as you can. Bounce them in the right side, and you’ll eventually be left with a group of balloons in the far right corner. Lob the arrows in there directly off the left wall and you’ll eventually get them all.

20) First arch a shot over the bouncy blocks to hit the mine. the mine will fall leaving you with 8 bloons popped. To get the bloon in the middle of the rubber blox, try this trick. See where it says “Your Best” on the bottom right half of the screen? Click and hold on the lower half of the ‘R’ for a little less than 1 second. that should do the trick. if the dart bloons do not get popped, you still should have two shots to arc it over the rubber blocks and hit a pink dart bloon, causing a chain reaction

24) You just have to get it in the rubber tunnel with the laser at the bottom and then go with pacman for the bombs on the left.

25) first shoot at the needle next to and hit the needles near the seel wall. then when ur pacman go across and get the the other one then go up get the other on get all the bloons then get the other pacman then get all the bloons and the ice one. then hit the other needle on the bouncing walls but shoot it up so it will go down rite on the bomb and all the bloons their should be gone. then just get the rest of them that are below you.

26) They give you more than enough arrows for this one. Shoot off the left rubber wall and get the arrow to pop those arrows, go over the middle rubber wall and pop those balloons, then pop the right balloons without hitting an ice balloon. It doesn’t have to be exact, and you can freeze one balloon and still beat the level. It might take a few tries to get the angle and power right to hit those three spots without hitting the ice balloons.

27) This first part is very tricky! Shoot an arch so that when the dart is coming out of the arch, it hits the normal balloon closest to you, the ice balloon next to it, and the normal balloon on the very bottom. Then aim your second dart at the top spike balloon.

28) Take out the two rows of coloured balloons, then the lower group to get the boomerang, then using the boomerang get the lower ice and rest of bottom balloons, then the last arrow to take out the row of mines at the top

29) You still need to make your first shot bounce off the 3-dart bouncy block and then bounce up to hit the light sabre. But next you don’t have to be quite so precise with the 3-darts. Just aim out to the right and put some good power into it so that it hits all 3 brown blocks. Next aim down in the right corner and pick up the other 3-dart bloon. With this you can use it to replicate your last shot and pick up the boomerang bloon (along with the other 2 bloons out there). You can use the boomerang to pick up the block of bloons on the bottom of the screen as well as the extra dart. The last shot is the hardest and may take a bit of practice. If you aim for the top right corner of the bouncy block on the left and give it a decent amount of power, you can make it bounce backwards, then hit the bouncy block at the top of the screen which will have the dart bounce back and hit many or all of the remaining bloons at the top. I would suggest practicing the last shot until you feel comfortable with it, then going back through and exucuting everything in order.

30) Hit the bottom right “lightsaber” balloon first. After that’s finished, hit the top left lightsaber balloon. Then comes the tricky part. Shoot your dart up so that you pop the remaining 3 lightsaber balloons from top to bottom. It’s a little tricky, but it can be done!!! Hope that helps.

31) There's an ice balloon in the bottom right that you can barely see.

33) Shoot the arrow off of the left bouncy things, and adjust until you get it right, it should fall between the ice blocks and hit one of the multi-directional bloons.

37) you have to aim the dart at the sky just the right angle to come down between the two stone blocks and hit the zap bloons (best if u use unlimited darts)

38) This one’s easy, just do it in the right order. Let’s label the laser balloons 1 through 5 from top to bottom. 5 is the one to the right of the monkey. Hit 5 with one arrow, hit 1 with one arrow, and if you want to be fancy shoot one straight up and get it to come back down at hit 2, 3 and 4. Or just shoot 2 first, then 3 and 4. Occasionally when you hit 1, the spike will hit the bomb. Just reset the level and try again, it probably won’t the second time you try it.

39) 1 shoot the dart hard enough and at the rite angle to go over the 2 steel bricks next to you and go straight down and barely hit the lightsaber bloon. or you can shot it not as hard in to the air and make it go straight down on the bounce brick and bounce up go down and hit the bloon.

40) Bounce all ur shots off the right hand bouncy wall, first get da 2 extra darts + other bloons on that ledge wiv a medium power shot. Then take out all of the ice bloons at the top of the screen wiv hard shots (May take a couple of go’s, It doesn’t matter if u freeze the ones immediately below, pacman will eat dem later.) now lightly bounce 1 off the right wall 2 hit the 3rd/4th bouncy block 2 the left, this will hopefully bounce thu the gap 2 the left and knock out the 2 lower right spiky bloons which will cascade around the pin bloons finally taking out the pacman bloon at the top right. Hold down left BEFORE this is activated as you barely make this next bit, take out all/any remaining frozen normal bloons on the way to eating the two spiky bloons at the top left of the screen. All being well you have a couple of darts left over 2 mop up any remaining bloons…Be warned Kyle Brown, I will hunt u down and make you suffer for making this map!

43) You have to hit the lightsaber and the bomb in the same shot. Next, before the spike ball comes down, get all of the bloons on your right side

44) If you aim directly down at the pacman, shoot with enough force to get the arrow to bounce back up and hit the spike. When you do hit the pacman, go immediately to the lower bomb. The arrow should come back down after hitting the spike and bounce around, and eventually hit the laser balloon, activating the other pacman after you’ve blown up the first one.

46) just keep shoot at the botom bouncy thing so it hits the left allon then comes back to hit the ballon near your monkey

47) 1st dart - off left bouncer square, through tack, then off right bouncer square and into bomb.2nd dart - hit spike balloon and remaining balloon on the far right, use the pac-man to get the boomerang. use the boomerang to hit both tacks on the left side.
3rd dart - hit left corner of middle bouncer square so that it bounces back and lands in the region of the laser balloon ( if you get it close enough it will activate the laser and get one more balloon. test this out, I put the finger of the cursor even with the middle top line of the bouncer square with as little power as possible)
4th dart - ark it over the stone wall to hit the ice balloon.

48) On the left side there’s four black blocks lined up vertically. If your cursor is the hand, get the thumb between the top block and the second block from the top. Get one (yes, ONE) pixel of white space between the edge of the thumb and the two black blocks. When you get it right, and you’ll have to lean in nice and close, you’ll know what I mean. Now, move the hand ONE pixel to the right, and shoot at highest power. You’ll get the two far right ballons. Then, move it to the right another TWO pixels, and shoot at highest power, and you’ll get that ballon on the right side of the wall. I can duplicate the shots every time.

49) notice the rubber blocks. from right to left they form this curve.
aim right and hit the block on the right (the one after the lowest rubber block).
from there you can bounce off like going up the stairs kind, repeat that 2 times and hit the top left corner of the right block below the monkey with your last dart. hope it helps!

50) First shot into the center lower black box to bounce into the right side black and go into the crease to get the other four. You must get all colored balloons. Next shot into the corner (to make it bounce back right) of the lower left black box hard enough to get the 3 balloons, then the ice grouped with them on the way up, the ice above the monkey, the laser balloon, and finally landing in the right getting all 4. Then I banked it off the center lower center black to get 3 balloons. Then shot into the closest ice, freezing the remaining balloon, and sending the shot bouncing right/ up to get the last 3 ice balloons.

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