Chicken Room Escape

Chicken Room Escape, yine pararllelove sakura yapımı değişik bir oda oyunu. Bu sefer çıkmaya çalıştığımız odada bizimle beraber tavuklar da bulunuyor.

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Toscana said...

1. pick up the white peice of paper off of the floor.
2. go to the left once and pick the pencle out of the brown box.
3. use the pencle on the paper.
4. go to the left twice, and click the chickens until they all point the direction the paper shows.
5. look in trash can and take blue chip out.
6.go back up and to the left three times
7. go to PDA and insert the chip into the black slot at the bottom
8.look under the lamp and take the CD-ROM
9. go to the left 3 times, and DO NOT try to zoom in to the thing next to the computer, but put the CD in from a distance.
10. Go to the left 2 times, and enter 197. see the black dot on the wall, and note it's location.
11. leave the computer, pick up the broom, go to the right once, and sweep the floor.
12. click the black box then open the door.

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