Blockhead - The Game

Block head-The Game Michael Swain tarafından Komix Game için hazırlanan, sekiz bölümden oluşan zevkli bir point click tarzı role playing oyunu.

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öMER said...

Click the ball first. you should be able to click on the area just in front of the door, and when he gets there, immediately click on the couch. a tv is there so immediately click somewhere else after interrupting him. you should be able to bounce him off to the kitchen.

best thing to do is really follow the strategies given by the hippie conscience.

'bouncing' really helps big time

once you click on an item for him to destroy, wait for his aura to turn green before interrupting and immediately click on another item for him to destroy, then just do the same thing everywhere else. this takes time, but it IS the objective of the game.

if there really isn't anything to click on, the first click on a random space towards the direction he should be going should work. by that time you should have found another thing for him to turn his attention to...if not, asking him to go somewhere useless won't do, so click the panic button.

'chasing' is really difficult. watch the ones that should be going to the direction you're headed for or people who hover around an area. i seldom use 'chasing' unless a clickable item is too far away. though chasing could save you time, 'bouncing' is a lot more bankable since 'chasing' risks getting your anger meter up too quickly.

of course it's important to keep the anger meter down, but to be able to do that, you have to pay attention to blockhead's attention meter. this is why 'bouncing' quickly really helps. while blockhead walks, immediately look for items to click to next before he reaches the first item you clicked. that should save you some time. if you can't find any...again, you could either chase, or click on a random area once.

once you get the hang of it, the upper levels should be pretty easy.

the easiest one so far is level five...

and...yeah...memorize the map and the areas you need to go to. you can't really access the map in the middle of the game.

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