Dailion Cave

Dailion Cave, Dailion Tower ve Dailion Room kaçış oyunlarının yapımcısından bir başka point click tarzı kaliteli oda oyunu.

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Adsız said...

1. Get a chain and use it on a key. Unlock the door with a key.
2. Go through left door twice. Catch a balloon and put an egg on a lamp. Take an egg and you get an acorn.
3. Go back. Go through middle door. Take a can and green key (right side of the couch).
4. You can click a few times on the mirror and give an acon for the witch. (This it a first ending of the game.)
5. Click left wall above a bottle and go to the secret room. Take a fork ann use it on the haystacks. Get a map from the women.

6. Go back twice and use a chain on the small door. Get an oar.
7. Go back twice and unlock middle door with green key.
8. Go inside. Knock a flowerpot off and take a chicken. Take a glass of wine. Move a chair and get a pen.
9. Go back. Use a fork above middle door. Get a key.
10. Go through right door. Take a chalk and a map.
11. Go through the door and use a pen on a book. Go back and go to this room again. Click on the book and note a word.
12. Go back twice. Go through left door and through middle door. Go to the secret room. Give a wine to the women and a chicken to the dog.
13. Go back to the hall. Use a chalk on left wall.
14. Go through the wall. Take a book and a candle.
15. Go up. Take a clock and use a can on the window. Note a number.
16. Go down. Use a key on the gate.
17. Go to the boat. Click left side of the screen. Click the ship. Get a key.
18. Go back to the hall. Turn to the gate. Use a key on it.
19. Take a pickaxe. Use it on a floor.
20. Go down. Click on the right from the baskets. Take a match. Use it on the candle.
21. Do through the door and go right. Use a candle on a lamp. Take a oil lamp.
22. Go right, up and through second door. Take an axe.
23. Go back to the hall with an eagle. Go through right door. Click in the middle of the screen. Take a rope.
24. Go back and take a left door. Put an acorn under the lift. Now you can go down and this is a second ending of the game.
25. Go back and go to this room again. Go down. There are three pictures on the walls. I have no idea, what to do with it.
26. You can go up and back twice and use the rope on the thing on the right side. (This is a 3th ending of the game.)
27. You can also jump of the cliffs without the rope. But I don’t know, how go back.
28. Go back to the hall with an eagle. Go through right door. Use an axe on the grating.
29. Go down. Click down of the screen. Now you can put an aor on the boat (this is 4th edning of the game.)
30. Click the boat and go right. Go to the cave and through the door. Click down of the screen. Type the word from the book (nauguru).
31. Take a coin and blue bottle. Now you can click bottom right chest. (This is 5th ending of the game.)
32. Click upper left chest for a ladder and go up. You are on the ship again.
33. Go to the hall (you know the way) and go througt left door. You have blue bottle, so you can go through the small door. Do it.
34. Choose the glass, which has a number corresponding with a number from the window (second from the right).
35. Go back twice and through the door. Click down of the screen. Use a pickaxe on the floor. Go down.
36. There are three monks. If they let you enter, go through the door and knock 3 times. Now you can join to the hall of honor. If not, try again.

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