Carrot Room Escape

Carrot Room Escape bir diğer adıyla Ninjin San Escape kaliteli bir başka yeni japon oda oyunu.

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Adsız said...

"Carrot Room Escape" walkthrough/ ingilizce cozumu:

Click 1st carrot on the bed.
Click under bed and get hammer.
Click inside blue trashcan and get paper and look at it.
Pan over to filing cabinet and get one carrot from each drawer and Click the button on wall to say ON.
Pan over to next screen with box in box and get key.
Go back to screen with red sign looking thing in floor and put key into slot on it and get cracked glass ball.
Click on ball using your "about item" and then click hammer to crack it open and get carrot.
Pan over to safe on wall and enter code 555 and click the button.
The safe opens giving you the 5th carrot and a new screen opens...Your out!!!

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