Ts Room 2

T's Room 2, Game-Guide'dan bir başka point click tarzı oda oyunu. Hapsolduğumuz odadan kaçabilmek için, bulduğumuz nesneleri doğru bir şekilde kullanıp, zorayıcı bilmeceleri çözmemiz gerekiyor. Ts Room oda oyunları serisinin diğer oyunları: T's Room 1 ve T's Room 3

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snowman said...

"Ts Room 2" walkthrough:

1: Click desk. Click pen holder a few times to move it over. Then click the notebook and get the enter key from under it. In same screen click on window with blind up half way. On the right side of screen on floor get the prybar.
2: Right one screen. Click around 4th bag. Open it and get keyboard. Then click right edge of divider, go behind, click on plant and get magnifying glass. Same screen click on floor where you see the cord. Use prybar and get cord ( for Printer ).
3: Back out and go right. Click 3rd set of doors and zoom in. Click left cupboard and open toolbox, get wire. Back up once, zoom in on shelves with binders, on second shelf 8th one from left, get binder.
4: Zoom back out and go left one screen. View magnifying glass, click glass till it splits. Select the glass and add it to inventory. View the glass, then combine wire to make glasses. Give glasses to guy after you pop his bubble.
5: click on clock on wall, and get key from behind it.
6: Click on computer to left. Add the keyboard and then add the enter key to the keyboard. Click on drawers below desk. Get paper from middle drawer using the key. Click on the very right side of screen under desk and get the 2nd key ( Main door)
7: Back out and then go right to printer screen. Click right side of printer twice. Use power cord. Back up once and click on 2nd drawer of printer and add paper.
8: Go back to computer, click on screen, click the file, then click the shaded box(left) then the 2nd shaded box on screen. Go back to printer, get the script that printed.
9: go to the door, use 2nd key, talk to guy outside. When you return back inside, go to guy at computer. He gives you a CD. Put CD into your computer, And print the other part of the script as you did the first. Go to printer and get 2nd script. Combine the scripts in the notebook. Go back outside and talk with the guy. Your out..

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