Mystery House - The Basement Escape

Mystery House - The Basement Escape, korku tarzı başka point click oda oyunu. Yıllar önce bir cinayetin işlendiği evin bodrum katından bir an önce çıkmaya çalışıyoruz.

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Mystery House Çözümü


1. click the bottom of door, pick a stick
2. go to the shelf, and pick up the head of hack, combined with stick
3. go, where the crack is on the wall, use hack on it
4. the wall brokes, under the refuse find a screwdriver
5. use screwdriver on the panel at the door, take wrench and turn the wheel
6. go to the basin, use wrench on the screw and open the water, take the paper
7. on the paper is the inverted signs of numbers, like this:
the numbers assign a square. click the squares on the wall in this order: 123456789
8. take the shovel and use it on the carpet
9. take the key and look for code on the wall
10. enter the code in the safe, read the book and use key on the door
11. u are out


1.First pick the wooden handle at the door.
2.Next move to the cupboard where the picture and number lock are located and get the hammar head from that.
3.Now take the hammar and click on the wall where there is a crack. You will find a statue. Click the wall pieces on the floor to get a screw driver.
4.Using the screw driver open the locker with screws there your will find a spanner and a gate valve take the spanner and click on the valve to turn it.
5.Now go to the wash basin and take the spanner and click in the valve of the wash basin the pipe break opens. Run the water by and you will fine a pice of paper coming out.
6.Take the paper and click to open it you will find a grid that grid is actually the position of numbers on the grid that is present beside the wash basin.
so the number positions on grind are 6 | 4 | 7
1 | 2 | 9
5 | 8 | 3
Now click order is 123456789 on this grid.The grid will open and your will find a shovel.
7.Take the shovel and dig the groun where is soil is present you will find a skeleton, a key and a number will appear on the wall.
8.Now enter the number 7326 from right to left in the number lock and click on the yellow dot.
9.Now got to the locked door and open the door using the key and you escape.

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